Sunday, November 11, 2018

Wild Africa

Hwange National Park, ZA

Kruger National Park, SA

* Painted Wolves or African Wild dogs:
Many folks who have visited this blog, have confused them with Hyenas or Coyotes. These are called Cape Wild dogs and listed under endangered species. It is believed only 350 animals are left in this part of Kruger national park. They are high social and enjoy strong bonding in pack. They are impeccable hunter and sometime have success rate of 90%. They are among the very few species who will regurgitate their food to feed sick and young ones.

World is beautiful only if we value it.


  1. Superb photos Ajay & Meenakshi! Please add more details of lens used, your trip experience and classification of the birds and animals :)

  2. Cool Ajay! So much fun to see animals in their natural habitat. One day will get there....😃