Saturday, June 02, 2007


Lower Geyser Basin:
Fountain Paint Pot:
Biscuit Basin:
Old FaithFul: It can shoot boiling water to the height of 106-184 feet lasting from 1.5-5 minutes. Interval ranges from 65-92 minutes, with 91 minutes being the average.
Black Sand Basin:
MidWay Geyser Basin:
Roaring Mountain: Sulfolobas acidocaldarins (Microscopic organisms) live on Hydrozen Sulphide gas and helps to convert into Sulphuric acid. Acid breaks volcanic rock into clay causing erosion.
Mamoth Hot Spring
upper terrace:
orange spring mound:
angel terrace:
jupiter's terrace:
devil's thumb:
cone head:
Gimli -"the Dwarf"
Old Beaver's Pond:
Roosevelt Tower:
Artist's Paintpot:
Canyon Fall:
Mud Volcano
mud caldron:
sizzling basin:
mud volcano:
West Thumb
abyss pool:
surging spring: