Tuesday, November 01, 2005


in itself .... so creative, colorful, bold and picturesque that even an amateur can feel happy !!!

Moss: In Sequoia

Giant: Tree (Sequoia) which make you feel miniscule.

Horizon: at times look cloudy from far.

Vastness: Empty, spacious but still beautiful. (Race Track-death Valley) When rain falls, it brings down huge amount of debris from the mountains. As water evaporates and wind blows through the valley , bigger individuals (rocks) start moving and leaving marks behind. Looking at those tracks, one can easily believe that they are racing against each other.

Wilderness: Dry, barren but still alive.

Thorn: within wilderness (Death Valley)

Cactus: Focused in its surroundings.

Sunset: Cape May County, New Jersy

Heaven: A place beyond clouds, full of colors, joy and peace.

Thrashed: I had to wait for a long time for this frame but I feel its worth it (Monterey Bay).

Back to Home: No matter How far you stray, you will always find a way to home at the end of a day.