Sunday, January 22, 2006


Channel Islands are set of five different islands and one of them is "Anacapa" and it is also the only island which has retained its original Native Indian name. It means island of deception or mirage. There are lots of plants and rodent species which are endangered and unique to this island.

Arch:Open to the world!!!
Rising:...on the occasion!!!Rusted:Arrival:Anacapa Line:Light House:Flora & Fauna:Feathered:Seaweed: Dances with waves !!!Sun:Crane: unique to the island!!!Breath: before a deep dive!!!Classic: Gray whale...pod !!!Native Bird: Calling for mate !!!Seagull: Living on the edge !!!Pelicans: Are we there now !!!Sealions: Chilling...on the rocks!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Indian Wedding

These are only pre-wedding pictures which in itself was the colossal event.

Rituals:Patrika:Don't know how to explain...In nutshell it tells who is getting married and when.Joy:Fire: Offering prayers to the fire before cooking the long list of delicious food.Carrot:...for pudding!!Peas:Mewa Batti: (Sugar dipped, dry fruits filled Cheese Balls)Gazar Ka Halwa: Carrot PuddingParents:..offerings.... to different Gods for blessings !!Haldi Ceremony: big part of Indian Marriages.Prehaldi:Blessings :..for better future.Posthaldi:Mother & Daughter:Refugee: Poor girls they had only four hours sleep (along with taking care of their mehndi) in 24 Hrs and they have another 24 Hrs to stay awake.Mehndi:Bride:Lights:

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Trip to India

Delhi...more than just Home !!
India Gate:
Connaught Place:Fountain: In fromt of Parliament house.Fawara: Old Delhi !!Pragati Maidan: raising bar....!!!Redfort and life around it:
Sardarji & his wife:
Mother & Daughter: During winters bathing outside in the sun is normal.Street Hawker:Guava Seller: Bargaining skills either grow or part of genetic coding of Indian housewives.

Biscope: In early days, arrival of biscope-man in the locality or seeing him in the fairs used to make kids and few grown-ups excited. He used to charge 25Paise to view the hand moved screens of either actor/actresses or monuments along with loud and peppy music/song in the background.

Dilli Haat
: Traditional village style market place started by Delhi Goverment to provide people an insight of Indian traditional craft, food and cultural activities year long.

Natural Dryer:
Puncture Ship: True road side assistance
Juice Place: No pre-processed or canned stuff..
Male Chauvinism:
Auto Rider:

Yamuna (river): During the winter season, lots of the migratory birds arrive to the northern region of the India.


Light & Shadow: First one is clicked by anu (my younger brother)

: Considered as door to the Dev Nagri (Heaven). Every year millions of people come to Haridwar, to clear their souls or sins by bathing in the river Ganga. These are some of the glimpses of Haridwar which I captured during my few hours visit to this gorgeous place.
Flower Shop:
Headless God:
Stepping Forward:

Girl in Blues:
Old Lady:
Another Life:
Toy Shop:

Tea Man: I was amazed and impressed by this person. His job is to bring and distribute TEA among poor and handicapped every morning and evening without any charges.

Bullock/Buffalo Cart: Filled with sugar cane.

Vaisno Devi: It is one of the many pilgrim places in the Himalayan Mountains. Every year millions of people walk 12Km uphill starting from place named as Katra to the Vaisno Devi (Goddess) shrine. Katra is 60 Km north of Jammu in the Himalayan ranges. These are some of the images during my visit to this sacred place: