Sunday, October 30, 2005


Philadelphia Down TownCrysral Cove: Water trickling down the beach after rain.

Philadelphia National Museum

Walkway: Series of benches and trees along the walkway, Temple University.

Balloons & Boxes

Liberty Mall: Flooring and Ceiling of Liberty mall, Philadelphia


Together: Some unforgetfull moments.

Shelter: In some early times, this fallen sequoia was used as shelter by native indians. Later on same place was used as Horse stable by colonials.

Witness: For ages these natives are watching all the changes in the Grand Canyon.

Phoenix: In most of cases, sequoia catches fire due to lightning and then it keeps on burning slowly for several years. In some cases even for decades. Since its outer layer is fire resistant, therefore when fire finally quenches its heat. It leaves behind a dark and hollow skeleton for a new life.

Past & Present: On the Reading terminal railways station, there was poster showing reading terminal in late 18 centuries. I kept the exposure for a long time(2-sec I guess) so that I can capture present through the small holes of the poster. Eventually it looks as if past is merging with present.

Firm: Nature always shakes and jolts life but those who are firm always win at the end. (Am I being philosphical here - What's wrong with me)

Lamp Post:
.. to the world of NARNIA!!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Light & Shadow

Boat House: aimer.... & always be

: with elegance, Philadelphia National Museum.

Bold: Front gallery of Philadelphia National Museum.

: Philadelphia downtown

: It's not me, that's what they call in Philly - Love Fountain.

Temple: I used to like campus during winter, when it's all covered with snow. More Wise and Entish.

Sequoia: Window to the brave new world (or they just lied).

Laguna Beach
: Evening walk with Seagulls.

Sequoia: with thick layer of snow

: Due to low light condition image got over exposed, which gives the effect of transition to Dark Side.

Shapes: Througout the day as sun moves, different shapes of different sizes and colors appears along the Grand Canyon.

: Under a long exposure, tail lights of moving vehicles have added streaks to the image.

Thursday, October 27, 2005


Arched:.... another Perspective!!
Dusk: I have added a sepia effect to the image which makes it more nostalgic.

City Hall: City hall in Philadelphia down town.

: Death Valley National Park on march 2005. This is the lowest point in the US, 282 feet below the sea level. During the summer, it is also one of the hotest area. This lake turns into a thick layer of salt across the valley as the temperature soars high.

Face: I have a habit of keeping a paper sheet on my desk for rough work but always end-up scribing something on that. During old and poor days, I was staying next to Temple hospital which had huge flood lights for security. Accidently, while moving the glass paper weight on my table I got this face.

On Road: On my way to drive cross country (Philly to LA), veiw from my left sided mirror.

Hippo: San Diego zoo is considered as one of the best zoo in the world. This kid was so excited and awed to see a Hippo under water that he wasn't sure what to do .

Skyscraper: Philadelphia downtown in the afternoon.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Philadelphia:- City of Brotherly Love. One of the oldest city of United states and famous for its murals.


RED: While playing with Photoshop, I unmasked red color in the picture. It gave whole image different look and depth.

JOY: In one of the gathering , I found this kid playing in the center of dining area left by his parent unattended. He was all excited and happy on acheving this freedom. I didn't have to do much to gain his attention. The moment he saw camera in my hand he was all excited.

Colored: I clicked this on the holi, I feel sun rays have added dreamy effect to the image.

Bubbles: Uhohoo.......More Bubbles........

Curious: Knock, Knock...Who's there !!

: I like this picture since both mom and kid got stuck in same mood and pose.